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Building OpenCV from Source for Older CPUs

In general, CPU architecture is not an issue when working with software as long as you have the right family of CPU in mind. For example, we know things run differently on AMD vs Intel vs PowerPC or they at least need to be code differently to take advantage of each architecture. Recently, I developed an application using OpenCV that…

How to User Secure Copy (scp)

SCP let’s you easily copy files and directories from a remote host down to local machine. scp your_username@remotehost.edu:/some/remote/file.txt /some/local/directory

Keep SSH Connections Alive When Behind Proxy

On Mac fire up Terminal and use vim to edit the file (username is your account): vim /Users/username/.ssh/config In general you can set the interval for any host: Host* ServerAliveInterval 30 Or you may have a server already defined that you wish to apply this property to: MyServer ServerAliveInterval 30