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Creating A User-Initiated Send in ExactTarget via the SOAP API in PHP

The following example shows how to create a User-Initiated Send Definition in your ExactTarget account using the SOAP API and PHP. More specifically it shows how to create a send definition with a Data Extension as opposed to List. Additional options are available for exclusion lists, but I didn’t use them in this code sample. $wsdl = ‘https://webservice.exacttarget.com/etframework.wsdl’; /* Create…

Upsert A Data Extension In ExactTarget Via SOAP API Using PHP

This code snippet performs an upsert of data into an ExactTarget data extension. This command has been somewhat of a unicorn for me and isn’t documented well at all within the ExactTarget wiki. I’ve taken the sample code written in .NET and ported it over into PHP. I would like to not that you can use other snippets I’ve posted like those that target business units and certain folders to target data extensions more specifically. Here I will just demonstrate the basic command.