Delete Subscriber From List in ExactTarget

$wsdl = ‘’; $client = new ExactTargetSoapClient($wsdl, array(‘trace’ => 1)); $client->username = ‘username’; $client->password = ‘password’; $sub = new ExactTarget_Subscriber(); $sub->EmailAddress = ‘’; $subList = new ExactTarget_SubscriberList(); $subList->ID = 11902; $subList->Status = ExactTarget_SubscriberStatus::Active; $subList->Action = “delete”; $sub->Lists = array($subList); $object = new SoapVar($sub, SOAP_ENC_OBJECT, ‘Subscriber’, “”); $request = new ExactTarget_UpdateRequest(); $request->Options = NULL; $request->Objects = array($object); $results = $client->Update($request);

Creating PHP Scripts in WordPress

As WordPress becomes more popular as a website development platform it is constantly be pushed to the limits. What should be simple blogging platform has been expanded to full blown websites with stores and a host of other integrations. However, for every addition there isn’t a plugin to drop in. In many cases your site may just act a middle…

How to User Secure Copy (scp)

SCP let’s you easily copy files and directories from a remote host down to local machine. scp /some/local/directory

Keep SSH Connections Alive When Behind Proxy

On Mac fire up Terminal and use vim to edit the file (username is your account): vim /Users/username/.ssh/config In general you can set the interval for any host: Host* ServerAliveInterval 30 Or you may have a server already defined that you wish to apply this property to: MyServer ServerAliveInterval 30

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

Trying to estimate the time to allocate for a specific task can be a troubling undertaking. Many times we have ideas and conditions that can produce several varied estimates, but none of which are perfect. Below is a simple formula to help consider all of those cases. (Optimistic + 4(Most Likely) + Pessimistic) / 6 By using this formula one…