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Moving Uncommitted Changes With Git

Sometimes when working on some code you realize that you’re not working in the correct branch. You definitely don’t want to begin copying and pasting changes. So why not just use a Git stash? These 3 lines of code will grab your uncommitted changes and transfer to the branch you want. git stash git checkout branch-you-want-changes-in git stash pop

Binding Live Events in jQuery

Dynamically created DOM elements in Javascript are do not by default have event listeners bound to them. In order to have this automatically happen use the “live” method in jQuery. This method monitors the changes to the DOM and updates the listener. It is much more efficient code than binding listeners after element creation. Below is a quick example of…

Refreshing the Rails Console

The Ruby on Rails console is very useful tool when testing individual components of the Rails framework. By using the console one does not have to have to build the framework or for that matter create controllers/views to perform operations and use the framework. However, the framework does not always reflect the changes made in the code when a command…