Simple Search Relevance in mySQL

Many times when one wants to build their own search engine, he or she wishes to sort the results by relevancy. MySQL provides some useful syntax to make this possible. Below is a short code snippet to a simple relevance calculation and order by it. ORDER BY ( ( CASE WHEN column_name LIKE ‘criteria’ THEN 1 ELSE 0 END )…

Bayesian: The Bag of Words

Ever wonder how your email filter determines which emails are junk and which are not? If I told you it came down to statistics you might be surprised. You might even want to leave this article now, because I just said statistics, but I promise you there is great fun in store. Plus, after seeing it applied here you may…

Using Web Services in Flash CS4

This tutorial covers how to use AS3 to connect to remote services. Forget about importing libraries and inducing headaches, just follow this example and you’ll be up in going in no time at all.