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AMPScript Language Module For TextWrangler

I’ve created a language module for TextWrangler/BBedit which has been made available for public download on Github. Currently, it will highlight all AMPScript functions and reserved words. Future upgrades look to add complete function Intellisense and function documentation. Download it here! In case you don’t have TextWrangler you can download it here. And, for reference, check out AMPScript.

I Know You Hate Math: Understanding A/B Testing

With the advent of ExactTarget releasing an A/B testing suite and Google Analytics providing the same functionality for websites I thought it would be beneficial to go behind the scenes of what A/B testing really is. Like many real world processes, A/B testing grounds itself in the world of mathematics and more specifically statistics. Don’t get scared away already though, there is hope for all. Many applications simplify the testing process to the point that a marketer, designer, or developer simply selects which is performing better. But what do we mean by performing better? And, why would I want to understand it?

Design Checklist for Compatibility Across Email Clients

When creating email templates many people just dive right in and start coding some beautiful CSS driven layouts. I will admit I was one of them. However, the world of email template design is actually a nasty and dark world. It’s filled with the mundane, the over bearing, and the old school. If one isn’t careful it is easy to…